Motion F-Series Tilt & Rotate In-Vehicle Mounting Solutions
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Motion F-Series Tilt & Rotate In-Vehicle Mounting Solutions

Part Number: 601.825.01

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Motion In-Vehicle Computing Solutions are designed with safety, space, and ergonomics in mind. Motion In-Vehicle Solutions for the F-Series tablet computers include a range of docks, mounting devices, and computing accessories that meet safety and performance standards required by fleet managers at law enforcement, first responder, utility, and other field service organizations.

Motionís In-Vehicle Solution is designed to take advantage of space and improve worker productivity — no matter what the needs are on the road. Motion docks are specifically designed to fit Motion tablets with full port replication for connectivity and a buil-in cable management system to keep cables organized. A consistent, low-profile design between the dock and tablet allows for simple adjustment and minimizes vision obstruction.

Motion's In-Vehicle Solution is unique with its Tilt & Rotate Mount designed for dashboard-mounting. Motion also offers traditional floor mounting and retrofitting services. This mount features a modular design that works perfectly with Motion's low profile F5-Series tablets, offering flexibility and user comfort with a wider range of adjustment angles. The Mount provides smooth movement around two axes, allowing the tablet to be easily positioned for the driver or passenger.

When it comes to fleet managers, safety and quality are key. All docks are built from robust industrial grade ABS material reinforced with a metal chassis. Motionís In-Vehicle Solution has been crash and vibration tested. Motionís engineers design comprehensive crash tests to meet or exceed multiple industry standards, such as the US heavy duty vehicle SAE J1455 standard and several other international standards. The tests are carried out at state-of-the-art vehicle and occupant safety testing facilities used by the automobile industry.

Built-in motion sensors limit the use of computer displays while the vehicle is in motion to reduce driver distraction. And, for fleet with a driver-passenger set-up, the optional Swingaway solution provides full computing access for the passenger, even when vehicle is in motion.


  • Improved driver safety
  • Crash and vibration tested
  • Modular design that works perfectly with Motion's low profile F5-Series tablets
  • Optional blank-it screen disablement technology